Hypertension Canada identifies research priorities, supports new scientific careers, and tracks control rates of hypertension and its complications to measure our collective impact.

Research Priorities: Despite excellent advances in hypertension control rates, largely attributable to Hypertension Canada’s clinical recommendations, one-third of Canadians living with hypertension have uncontrolled blood pressure. We make it our business to identify and advance hypertension research priorities through collaboration with medical and health experts, patients, and organizations, and strive to address questions that will lead to improved decision-making in the healthcare system and governments, and to better prevention, diagnosis and control of hypertension. Read our priorities.

New Careers: We invest in emerging scientific careers to create a bright future for continual advances in hypertension, making it possible for trainees to present their work at Canada’s premier scientific meeting, and recognize achievements with award opportunities. Through partnerships with other funders such as the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, we invest in granting programs with a focus on helping young investigators through their critical early development toward establishing their careers.

Measuring Impact: We do more than publish the nation’s clinical recommendations for the diagnosis and treatment of hypertension – we also measure how well we put those recommendations into practise and identify gaps in the recommendations. We work with federal and provincial governments to examine population data to track control rates of hypertension and of complications, and comprehensively identify where the recommendations require further evidence and development to improve their effectiveness.

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