Sodium Reduction

Reducing dietary sodium is a key policy intervention to prevent and control hypertension and other NCDs.  The daily recommended amount in Canada is 1500mg/sodium per day. Canadians consume an average of 3,600mg per day.

In 2010 the Sodium Working Group (link to SWG report) established a sodium intake goal of 2,300mg of sodium/day by 2016.   Hypertension Canada has taken a leadership role in providing guidance to Canadians and health care professionals on sodium reduction as well as advocating for effective, evidence-informed policy actions at national and global levels.

Policy on sodium

CHEP Recommendations for Sodium Reduction 

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Listen to the Canada’s Hypertension Research Chair, Norm Campbell,  as he discusses the importance of sodium reduction policies in the prevention and control of high blood pressure – Link to Norm’s talk at Congress

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