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Take your medication as prescribed

Do not stop taking your medication without first talking to a health care provider, unless you have a severe reaction.

  • Ask your health care provider if you can switch to a medication that is taken only once a day.
  • Ask your health care provider if your blood pressure medications may be available in a single tablet.

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There’s an App for that! Download a Free app to help you remember your medication regimen:


MedHelper is a comprehensive prescription/medication compliance and tracking App designed to help individuals and caretakers manage the challenges of staying on time, up to date and on schedule with very simple to very complex regimes. Available on Android and IOS platforms.


WebMD for Android helps you with your decision-making and health improvement efforts by providing mobile access 24/7 to mobile-optimized health information and decision-support tools including WebMD’s Symptom Checker, Drugs & Treatments, First Aid Information and Local Health Listings.

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