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Healthcare Professional Appointment Tips

Some tips to help you prepare for your Healthcare Professional visit:

  • Have the following handy: your symptoms (when they started and how often they occur), your medications, drug allergies, personal health history, family diseases, recent medical history
  • When seeing your Healthcare Professional, clearly explain the reason for your visit
  • Tell him / her what’s worrying you
  • Bring a notepad to jot down any advice given to you
  • You can also use the PACE Guide sheet. It has been developed by Researchers at Ohio State University to make the most of your time with your healthcare professional. PACE stands for:
    • P = Provide information about how you feel.
    • A = Ask questions if you don't have enough information.
    • C = Clarify what you hear.
    • E = Express any concerns you may have.

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REMEMBER: Be your Healthcare Professional’s best ally. The questions your Healthcare Professional asks during the visit are the cornerstone of the consultation. The information you give them is always useful, as it helps them assess your situation and recommend an appropriate course of action.

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